Register of Genetics Counsellors

This Register is a list of Genetic Counsellors who are regulated by the HGSA Board of Censors for Genetic Counselling. HGSA strongly promotes that genetic counselling should be conducted by appropriately trained and regulated professionals. This register will help you to identify genetic counsellors who have knowledge and skills that are current and meet the changing needs of their clients.

This Register includes Genetic Counsellors who

  • Have completed Certification: OR
  • Are actively undertaking Certification: OR
  • Are qualified to practice, having completed an accredited Masters of Genetic Counselling course: OR
  • Are returning to practice under Resumption of Practice Program AND
  • Meet the requirements for registration with no restrictions or cautions, with registration fees having been paid.

This Register also includes Genetic Counsellors who

  • Have additional supervisory or professional development requirements to register for practice.
  • Have had their Registration to practice Suspended or Terminated for misconduct.
  • Have retired from practice.

This Register does not include:

  • Students undertaking Masters of Genetic Counselling courses.
  • People with a tertiary qualification in genetic counselling from an unaccredited or unrecognised course.

Genetic counsellors on this register are expected to practice according to the HGSA Code of Ethics for Genetic Counsellors and the HGSA Scope of Practice for Genetic Counsellors. Concerns or complaints about the practice of a genetic counsellor can be lodged with the HGSA Professional Concerns and Complaints Committee

If you are a genetic counsellor and wish to be listed, please Register here.

You can search the Register by name or location to find Registered Counsellors in your area

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