Masters Course Accreditation

The field of genetics and genomics is moving rapidly, so there is a real need for appropriately trained genetic counsellors. In addition, new courses are likely to be developed in Australia. Accreditation is essential to ensure that courses are of a standard to promote excellence in graduates, and provides guidelines to assist in the development of these courses. Course accreditation sets a benchmark ensuring graduates have completed the tasks and learning objectives required as a prerequisite to pursuing certification, and assists in protecting the credibility of the genetic counselling profession. Accreditation of local courses also provides a benchmark for assessing courses undertaken by genetic counsellors who train overseas and intend to practice in Australia or New Zealand.

While higher education providers have the primary responsibility for their courses, the purpose of accreditation is to assess whether graduates will have the necessary knowledge and skills to practise safely. Graduates from an accredited course are able to demonstrate that they have appropriate training to be employed as a genetic counsellor and pursue certification by the HGSA Certification Committee for Genetic Counsellors . Accreditation benefits employers and the public who use the services of genetic counsellors, prospective health professionals and professional bodies by:

  • promoting accountability and continuous improvement
  • aligning outcomes with needs of employers, the profession and the community
  • allowing potential students to make informed choices about their education.

HGSA Course Accreditation Policy for Masters in Genetic Counselling Programs

Application Form for Accreditation of Genetic Counselling Programs - Appendix 1 of Policy

Annual Report Form - Appendix 2 of Policy. Please email [email protected] for individual link. 

Notification of Variation Form - Appendix 3 of Policy


Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee reports to the HGSA Board of Censors for Genetic Counselling . It is responsible for assessing and accrediting Masters of Genetic Counselling courses for the training of HGSA Genetic Counsellors.

General Enquiries/Correspondence
[email protected]

Course accreditation Committee Members

Aideen McInerney-Leo


Rebecca Dickson

Vice Chair

Jane Fleming


HGSA Accredited Courses

Master of Genetic Counselling, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is now offering a Master of Genetic Counselling. Full accreditation of this course was granted in March 2021.
Please visit the website for more information:

Master of Genetic Counselling, University of Melbourne

The Master of Genetic Counselling is a professionally accredited coursework degree, completed full time over two years.
For full details please visit the website:

Accredited Courses Previously in Operation

Master of Genetic Counselling, University of Sydney


HGSA Recognised Courses prior to introduction of Accreditation Standards

Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling, Charles Sturt University
Master of Science (Genetic Counselling), Griffith University
Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling, University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling, University of Newcastle
Master of Genetic Counselling, University of Newcastle
Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling, University of Sydney


Genetic Counsellors Certified overseas

See Clinical Certification Policy for Genetic Counsellors page 14 and 15.

In the documents below information can be found regarding the requirements for genetic counsellors trained overseas moving to Australasia, as well as for genetic counsellors trained in Australasia and moving overseas. 

International Reciprocal Arrangements for Genetic Counsellors

American Board of Genetic Counseling and HGSA Recognition Letter

Canadian Board of Genetic Counselling and HGSA Recognition Letter