RCPA Education Portal

Genetics Educational Material- RCPA, RCPA Faculty of Science and HGSA

The Genetics Advisory Committee (RCPA) recognises the need for ongoing education and professional development and, in association with the College’s Faculty of Science and the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, has commenced a program to develop ongoing educational material for genetic trainees and fellows. The pilot project was initially conceived solely as a continuing professional development (CPD) program but is now developing as both an educational program and a quality assurance program.

These case studies have been developed to help laboratory professionals maintain and improve standards and knowledge of genetic principles, methods, clinical application, and quality assurance of molecular tests, and have been structured to reflect increasing levels of difficulty. Tier 1 cases are aimed at basic teaching and are particularly suited to trainees, whilst Tier 2 cases are aimed at professionals with established knowledge and experience in the molecular genetics field. Development of a third tier is intended for genetic pathologists and senior laboratory scientists to share new, interesting, rare or challenging cases and issues to build our genetics profession.

This resource can be accessed from the members-only section of the HGSA website (URL link and login details are provided on the website) and from the Genetic Pathology section of the RCPA Education Portal. At present, 16 case studies are available and further cases are planned.

The Case Program Committee (a subcommittee of the GAC), which is charged with development of new learning modules, welcomes submission of ‘’interesting cases” from trainees and fellows of the College and the HGSA. Correspondence should be addressed to either:

Dr Lisa Koe lkoe@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au

Dr Damien Bruno damien.bruno@mcri.edu.au