Clinical Genetics

Training in clinical genetics is conducted under the auspices of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

If you are already a basic or advanced trainee in paediatrics or adult medicine, detailed information about the training program in clinical genetics is available:

Adult medicine Physician Training Paediatrics and Adult Medicine

Chair Prof Ravi Savarirayan (VIC)

HGSA Representative Dr Nicholas Pachter (WA)
New Zealand Representative Dr Juliet Taylor (NZ)
Metabolic Medicine Representative Dr Carolyn Ellaway (NSW)
Appointed Member A/Prof Chris Barnett (SA)
Advanced Trainee Representative Dr Lisa Ewans (NSW)

NOTE: Effective 1 January 2017 all candidates applying for certification have to have been financial HGSA members for a minimum of 12 months before they can lodge their application.

There are numerous training positions throughout Australia and New Zealand for clinical genetics fellows, as outlined in the document below. Please refer to the document below for details on these positions, and how to contact individual units regarding employment. Please note this document is not an official HGSA or RACP document, and you must take responsibility to contact the individual unit and college yourself to secure employment.