Australasian Society of Diagnostic Genomics ASDG

ASoC was merged with MGSA to form the Australasian Society of Diagnostic Genomics in March 2015. We appreciate your patience as we begin the process of establishing the administrative and financial matters of the new SIG and change the website.

In the meantime all correspondence should be directed to the ASDG executive.

ASDG Executive

Chair: Dr Amanda Dixon-McIver

Vice Chair - Ms Louise Carey

Secretary - Dr Kathryn Friend

Treasurer: Ms Jeanette Avery

ASDG Comittee

TAS rep: Karen Dun

NZ rep: Andrew Beddow

QLD rep: Charmaine Pollock

NSW/ACT rep: Nicole Bain

WA rep: Mark Davis

SA rep: Rachel Fraser

VIC rep: Nicola Flowers

ISCA rep: Trent Burgess

Orphanet rep: Rachel Beddow

Junior rep (<10 years experience in the profession): Ben Nash

Past Chairs: David Francis (ASoC) and Peter Taylor (MGSA)

BOCC: Fiona Norris

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