ASGC Census

In October-November 2012, the ASGC conducted the inaugural census in an attempt to gather up to date in formation about the genetic counselling profession inAustralasiaand the membership of the ASGC.

The survey was administered on our behalf by Australian Survey Research (ASR) with input from the professional issues working party which was made up of 6 members of the ASGC representingNew Zealand,Australia, outreach and metropolitan counsellors.

The summary document is available here: 2012 ASGC Census.

The data belongs to us and can be used for current and future ASGC projects such AHPA membership, making a case for registration of genetic counselling as an allied health profession, and genetic counselling research projects. We also now have baseline data which the society can update at a regular interval. Survey data will be provided upon request to the ASGC secretary.