AGM meeting minutes

The ASGC has an annual general meeting that is part of the annual meeting of the ASGC. This is where official business of the association is discussed as well as the appointing of the various positions. These are Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications officer. The Linkage editors were part of the AGM and are now only elected when resignation occurs. The next years ASGC conference organisers are linked with the city where the HGSA is meeting.

AGM minutes Treasurer Report BOC report
2010 AGM minutes 2010 Treasurer Report 2010 BOC Report
2011 AGM minutes 2011 Treasurer Report 2011 BOC Report
2012 AGM minutes 2012 Treasurer Report 2012 BOC Report
2013 AGM Minutes 2013 Treasurer Report 2013 BOC Report
2014 AGM Minutes 2014 Treasurer Report 2014 BOC Report
2015 AGM Minutes 2015 Treasurer Report
(see AGM minutes)
2015 BOC Report
2016 AGM Minutes 2016 Treasurer Report
(see AGM minutes)
2016 BOC Report
(see AGM minutes)

2000-2009 AGM minutes
AGM Minutes Treasurer Report BOC report
2000 AGM Minutes 2000 Treasurers Report
2001 AGM Minutes 2001 Treasurers Report
2002 AGM Minutes 2002 Treasurers Report
2003 AGM Minutes 2003 Treasurers Report
2004 AGM Minutes 2004 Treasurers Report
2005 AGM Minutes 2005 Treasurers Report
2006 AGM Minutes 2006 Treasurers Report
2007 AGM Minutes 2007 Treasurers Report
2008 AGM Minutes 2008 Treasurers Report
2009 AGM Minutes 2009 Treasurers Report 2009 BOC Report