HGSA Structure

The affairs of the Society are managed by an Executive and a Council, the latter consisting of the Executive and representatives from branches in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand plus representatives of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) who are all elected annually. Each Branch and SIG has its own Committee, which organises local scientific and other meetings.

The Secretariat is where all the Society’s business is processed and is currently located in New South Wales.

The body of the membership consists of ordinary members who are defined as those who hold a recognised qualification in a discipline relevant to Human Genetics and are employed in a position appropriate to this discipline, whether it be as a teacher, clinician, laboratory scientist, counsellor or in pure research.

Other membership categories provide for those who reside outside Australia, students, organisations and associate memberships. Emeritus membership is achieved by invitation only, in recognition of eminence in the field.

The society has the following objectives:

  • High ethical standards among those working in Human Genetics
  • Communication between those working in Human Genetics
  • Training and professional recognition for those involved in Human Genetics
  • Professional and lay education about Human Genetics
  • Promotion of public awareness of Human Genetics
  • Consideration and comment upon matters relevant to Human Genetics or the interests of the Society
  • Representation of the interests of Human Genetics and those working in the field, and of the Society and its members, in public, professional, governmental and other forums
  • Promotion and support of research in Human Genetics. Performance or support of any activity which may achieve all or any of the foregoing

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