Orations and Sutherland Lecturers

HGSA Oration and Sutherland Lectures

The HGSA honours eminent members by inviting them to present the HGSA Oration at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The following list gives the orators and the title of their talk since 1990.

1990 Tony Pollard Birth and adolescence of the HGSA and its sibling ‘ACH Chem-Path’
1991 O. Margaret Garson Seven little Australians
1992 David Danks What we can do/What we should do
1993 Richard Cotton Detection of mutations in DNA
1994 Peter Fitzgerald A human perspective
1995 Gillian Turner The X chromosome and intelligence
1996 Grant Sutherland Fragile sites: from medium 199 to dynamic mutation
1997 Bridget Wilcken Mild disease carriers and problems with screening.
1998 John Rogers From Medical Genetics to Psychotherapy and back again
1999 William (Bill) Carey Lysosomes, peroxisomes and other very important matters
2000 Dianne Webster Newborn Screening Quality – Lessons from the Past
2001 Sister Regis Mary Dunne Ethics and public policy in the genomic era
2002 John J Hopwood Lysosomal storage disorders: early diagnosis and effective therapy.
2003 Bob Williamson Ethics, the New Genetics and Public Health
2004 Jack Goldblatt Do Genetics - See the World
2005 Michael Partington Forays in syndromology over 50 years
2006 Not held
2007 Robert (Mac) Gardner Some reflections on the Philosophy and Practice of Medical Genetics
2008 John C Mulley Forty years from markers to genes
2009 Ian Walpole Clinical genetic services: base to horizons
2010 Jane Halliday A trip down memory lane: progress in prenatal testing.
2011 John Pearn Courage in discovery
2012 David Sillence Teaching and Learning in Genetic Medicine
2013 Joanne Dixon Genetics in Clinical Practice: Integrating new discoveries into patient care over three decades.
2014 Eric Haan Genetics - it's personal
2015 Alan Bittles Why Community Genetics?

You Tube clip of Prof Alan Bittles' Oration: "Why Community Genetics?"

In 2005 the Sutherland Lecture was named in honour of Professor Grant Sutherland. This invited presentation at the ASM showcases the work of outstanding mid career researchers.

2005 Jozef Gecz Mining for GOLD on the X chromosome
2006 Georgia Chenevix-Trench Meeting the challenges of breast cancer genetics research from Down Under
2007 David Thorburn Threads of life, granules of death, and a circular genome of power
2008 Kathryn North A gene for speed? ACTN3, evolution and athletes
2009 Andrew Sinclair Insights into disorders of Sex Development: Copy number analysis of Patients using Whole-Genome Arrays
2010 Nigel Laing

Neuromuscular Disorder Genetics: Research and Research Translation.

2011 Nick Martin The genetics of complex traits: the GWS revolution and beyond.
2012 Michael Buckley What Do We Need? I Think We Need Very Much Improved DNA Diagnostics. We Are Doing a Disservice to Patients Who Don’t Carry a Molecular Diagnosis
2013 Stephen Robertson On the importance of the shoulders of others.
2014 John Christodoulou Splashing around in the gene pool: Don't forget the patient!
2015 Sylvia Metcalfe To know or not to know, that is the question