HGSA2017 - Abstract Guidelines & Submission

HGSA2017 - Abstract Guidelines & Submission


Key dates

  • Call for Abstracts - NOW OPEN
  • Call for Abstracts Close - 14 April 2017
  • Acceptance of Abstracts (authors notified) - from 5 June 2017
  • Full Program available - May 2017
  • Early Bird Registration closes - 23 June 2017


Abstract Submission & Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to assist registrants in preparing abstracts for presentation at the HGSA Annual Scientific Meeting. Compliance with these guidelines will expedite the process of scientific evaluation, program arrangements and publication of abstracts.

All abstracts must be submitted ONLINE and typed directly into the submission form (abstracts cannot be attached).

See below for more detailed instructions on preparing and submitting your abstract.

When submitting an abstract you will be asked to setup an account with a password, which you can then use to submit additional abstracts as well as edit abstracts (only 'saved as draft' abstracts can be edited) until the closing date. Please note that if you wish to edit an abstract that has already been submitted, you will need to email your required change/updated abstract to sharon@conlog.com.au as it is not possible to edit a submitted abstract online.


  • Abstracts must be typed in English
  • Abstracts will be typed directly into the submission form. You will be asked to insert Title, Presenting Author & Affiliations / address, Additional Authors & details, and the body of the abstract.
  • Body of the Abstract has a 250 word limit.
  • Abbreviations should be used only for common terms (for uncommon terms, the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word)
  • Abstracts should be thoroughly checked for correct spelling and grammar before finalising the submission.
  • Please ensure that you include all information requested on the abstract submission form.
  • Indicate presentation type (oral, poster or no preference). Please see below for the Oral & Poster Sessions information.
  • Indicate under which SIG(s) (e.g. AACG, ASGC, ASDG), you would like your submission to be considered. Abstracts relating to human genetic research that falls outside these SIGs can be submitted under the ‘HGSA’ category.
  • Include a short 100 word bio for the presenting author.
  • Indicate if you wish to be considered for an award (see awards section for more information).
  • Abstracts that have been presented at a previous meeting are able to be submitted.
  • Abstracts that have been published, can only be submitted if the publication was within six months of the submission date.
  • Complete the authorisation and conflict of interest questions.
  • Final formatting will be undertaken by the Conference Secretariat.

Format & Content

Main Body of Abstract

250 words - excludes title, authors and institution

The following structure may be followed:

  • Background: a clear statement about why the study was done
  • Aim/hypothesis/research question
  • Methods:
    • lab-based research: a statement(s) about the sample, the methods, analysis
    • clinical/public health type research: a statement(s) about the sample, recruitment, method of data collection, data analysis; for quantitative data, some indication of statistical approach/measures; for qualitative data, some indication of the method and rigour of analysis
  • Results: sample size (even in qualitative research), include data - avoid saying data will be presented
  • Discussion/Conclusion: a concluding statement of outcome/significance

Abstract Acknowledgement

A confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your abstract submission will be automatically emailed to you once you have completed the online abstract submission. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact the Conference Secretariat.

If you wish to submit an additional abstract you can log back into the submission form by clicking on the submission link and signing in with your email and password. NOTE: If you wish to edit your abstract only 'saved as draft' abstracts can be edited until the closing date. If you submitted your abstract and wish to make changes please email sharon@conlog.com.au with the changes.

Please note that all correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address from which the submitted abstract was received.

All presenters will be required to register for the meeting and have paid the registration fee; the Early Bird registration deadline is 23 June 2017.

Publication of Abstracts

** NEW ** Successful abstracts will be provided to delegates on the Conference APP.
Successful abstracts will also be published in the October Issue of Twin Research and Human Genetics journal.

By submitting an abstract you are consenting to the publication of your abstract, if accepted, in these publications.

Oral & Poster Sessions


Posters will be on display from Sunday to Tuesday. A Poster session is scheduled for Sunday 6th August. All presenters to attend and be at their poster at the designated times.

Poster Size

We recommend A0 poster size portrait (841 mm wide x 1189 mm H)
NOTE: The poster should not be any larger than A0 size

Display Orientation Portrait
Poster Mounting Velcro compatible boards. Please bring own velcro.

Oral SIG Presentations

Oral SIG presentations will be held over the three days. Presentations run for 15min (incl. 2-3min for questions).